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What we do each night

Mudgee Squadron

Nightly activities

Each night in Mudgee Squadron is highly structured. We start off with opening parade at 1930 hours where the activities and jobs for the night are layed out. Below is our standard squadron timetable: 

  • 1930 - Opening Parade
  • 1940 - Drill on the parade ground
  • 2020 - Physical activities (generally a quick game)
  • 2030 - Break and canteen
  • 2050 - Education
  • 2120 - Pack up and final parade

Education Badges

Each cadet starts off on the General Proficiency booklets where they learn the basics of aviation and the Air League. After achieving their GP4 badge, a range of other subjects become available including Electronics, Theory of Flight, Astronomy, Space Flight, Meterology, and many many more. 

Drill and Field Activities

Cadets learn to march in Air League. As they progress through the various techniques they can earn more badges for their uniforms. Other field badges include Drill Proficiency, Physical Activities, Flag Drill, First Aid, etc.