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Finishing Electronics: Making a 137.5Mhz Antenna to listen to NOAA weather satellites

This Friday, we concluded our Electronics Class 3 course by doing the exams for the cadet's badges. We believe everyone did very well in their exams. 

As a bit of fun, we also used an antenna I have been working on to tune into the satellites NOAA-18 and NOAA-15 which came overhead during our Squadron night. These are weather satellites that automatically transmit pictures using analog signals. 

We recorded the analog signal as an audio file using a program called SDR Sharp and then decoded it using the program noaa-apt. This resulted in the below two images: 

It wasnt until after Squadron had concluded we realised we had captured the bushfires on the eastern coast of NSW. These appear on the second image. 

The cadets enjoyed this activity. For more information on how to build one I will credit below the instructions I followed: