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Eggsperiment: Getting an egg into a bottle using atmospheric pressure

While studying Theory of Flight Class 3 tonight we looked at the four forces of atmospheric pressure that affect flight. In the below experiment, we demonstrated 3 of these forces - air pressure, density and temperature. This will make a mess. 


  • Large glass bottle with a neck just smaller than an egg.
  • Boiled eggs (without shells)
  • Matches
  • Flammable material that burns well (paper, or newspaper)


  1. First boil the eggs and de-shell them. Make sure they are cool. 
  2. Get set up with flammable paper, the boiled eggs, and matches. 
  3. Light the paper and put it into the bottle, immediately put the boiled egg on top of the bottle. 


When the egg is placed on top of the bottle, with the hot burning paper inside, the air will heat up. This results in the air expanding, escaping between the egg and neck of bottle (you may see the egg wobble a little as the air travels past it). 

When the hot air escapes, and the flame extinguishes, the air starts to cool down and the volume requires decreases, also known as contraction. The air pressure is therefore higher on the outside of the bottle and pushes into the bottle. Forcing the egg into the bottle.