The term Field in Air League refers to most activities conducted outside including Drill and Physical Activities, it can also include Band related activities and emergency services and community service type badges. In our Squadron we have two types of field officers. Squadron Drill Officer (SDO) and Squadron Physical Activities Officer (SPAO).

The officer in charge of drill in the Mudgee Boys Squadron is SDO Marskall, for the Mudgee Girls Squadron it is SDO Marskall. Drill, like in the military, can be strict and disciplined. The Australian Air League has a manual in which contains all the maneuvers with ridged procedures that cadets will learn throughout their induction. The officer in charge of physical activities is SPAO Becket. In physical activities there is a range of badges that you can complete including PA Class 4-1 badges, First Aid, Field Craft Class 3-1and more.

Cadets and especially NCO's can use this site to look for information regarding Field activities. Please feel free to send an email to ask about specific items or queries. Our emails can be found in the Contact Details section of this site.




Resources for better understanding Drill maneuvers


Section 12 - Section Drill of the Australian Air League Manual outlines all movements available to a section and their commander, typically a Corporal. Below are demonstrations created to make explaining and understanding drill movements easier.


Right (Left) Form:

This movement is carried out when a section, marching in line, changes direction without changing formation. More details can be found in the Australian Air League Manual Section 12 Part 30, 31, 32, 33, 34.

Adobe Reader Right (Left) Form



On the Right (Left) Form Section:

This movement is carried out when in a section and marching line abreast. This movement allows cadets to change formation without changing direction. For more information visit the AAL manual on a Squadron night and have a read of Section 12 Part 31.

Adobe Reader On the Right (Left) Form Section




Physical Activities[09.03.2012]


Recently there has been a timetable shift in our squadron which will allow for more time dedicated to the completion of Physical Activities badges. PA Officer Becket has recently been promoted from the lead NCO position and will be assuming position of PA Officer in our Squadron.