The officer in charge of education in Mudgee Boys Squadron is Second Officer McAdam (SEO). For the Mudgee Girls Squadron SEO Cumberland can help with Education enquiries. Please to not hesitate to ask questions or request printed material for study. Booklets are also acquired by the SEO and once the booklet questions are completed alert the SEO for the ordering of your Exam.

Slideshow Presentations

On odd occasion at our squadron we will do a slideshow presentation and learn about subjects that are a little different from our normal curriculum. Below are presentations that we have already covered, please feel free to use these presentations yourself, or just download them and have a read.


The Wright Brothers
Human Exploration of Space


Study Material

Only badges below that Mudgee Boys Squadron has created study material for are listed below.

General Proficiency Class 6

Besides the Induction Course, which members sometimes begin with depending on their prior knowledge of Aircraft, General Proficiency Class 6 (GP6) is usually the first badge that cadets will complete before moving onto GP5 and then GP4. Each member undertaking this badge will be given the workbook to study from.

The workbook for GP6 is worth 20% of the total mark of the badge. The exam is worth the remainder 80%. To help study for the exam there are a few resources available below.

Adobe Reader General Proficiency Class 6 Crossword
Adobe Reader Plane Parts Crossword
Adobe Reader Plane Parts Flash Cards

General Proficiency Class 5

General Proficiency Class 5 is the next badge in the GP course. This badge is a little harder than GP6. This Badge includes a uniform inspection, which will count towards 10% of your mark for the badge, another 10% is dedicated to the questions in the workbook, and 80% is dedicated to the exam.

Adobe Reader General Proficiency Class 5 Crossword

General Proficiency Class 4

General Proficiency Class 4 moves from planes to helicopters. Below is an interactive webpage crossword that can be completed on any recent browser with JavaScript.

webicon Components of a Helicopter

Astronomy Class 3

Here is some study material for Astronomy Class 3

Study Material:

webicon Solar System Crossword

External Links:

NASA Website of current missions
NASA Website of the Universe

National Geographic Science - Space Website


Photography is a large badge and the crosswords are split into the sections of the workbook that is required to be read.

Adobe Reader Photography: Sections One and Two Crossword
Adobe Reader Photography: Sections Three and Four Crossword
Adobe Reader Photography: Sections Five and Six Crossword