Contact Us and Join[23/05/2017]

There are two squadrons in Mudgee. The Mudgee Boys Squadron and the Mudgee Girls Squadron. Our Squadron's meets every Friday night at the Mudgee Airport in the AeroClub Clubhouse at 1930hours (7:30pm), excluding school holidays. Please feel free to come along and see what we are all about. Our typical tradition is that new members get a free can of drink and chips from the canteen during break.

If you are interested in joining the Squadron please contact the Officer Commanding Squadron (OC) first for he/she is in charge and is aware of all the squadrons details and activities. Those who already are members and have questions regarding a specific area (Drill, Education etc) please contact the appropriate Officer.

Officer Commanding Squadrons:

Mudgee Boys Squadron
Mudgee Girls Squadron
Mark Woodhead
Robyn Cole
02 6372 3742
0429 326 215

Map and Directions

We meet in the Aero Club clubhouse, which is located on the left as you enter the main parking area of the airport. The Airport is not large so even if you park you will likely see some of us.

Please feel free to just come out one night and see how things are run at our squadron. First Nights are completely free, in fact the NCO's even give a free drink and chips from the canteen at break. We hope to see you there.

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