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About us

Mudgee Squadron

What is the Air League?

The Australian Air League is a youth organisation for boys and girls aged from 8 years which encourages an interest in aviation as a career or as a hobby for the youth of Australia.The organisation is entirely self-funding and is staffed by volunteers who give their time generously to achieve its goals. The Australian Air League has no political, racial or religious connections.

The aims and objectives of the Australian Air League include:

  • To promote and encourage the development of Aviation in the Youth of Australia
  • To promote good citizenship
  • To promote ingenuity and resourcefulness of its members
  • To develop the physical and mental abilities of its members

What is the Mudgee Squadron?

The Mudgee Squadron is the local unit of the Australian Air League. Mudgee Squadron is part of a Wing which is a smaller collection of Squadrons. Our Wing name is George Campbell Wing. 

We meet every Friday school night at the Mudgee Aero Club Clubhouse at 1930 hours. For more information on how you can contact us, visit our Contact Us page.